About Us

DPA Industries Inc. is a Canadian corporation with nearly two decades experience in researching, testing, manufacturing and exporting the world’s best omega-3. The superior quality of DPA products has been recognized with registrations and approvals from:

  • - Health Canada
  • - Agriculture Canada
  • - Canadian Association of Omega-3 Manufacturers
  • - Chinese State Food and Drug Administration

In addition to our superb quality, DPA has retained the services of some of the world’s leading marine and omega-3 scientists to insure that DPA Industries is always at the leading edge, not only in quality but also in new product development. Our proprietary 20+ step refining process includes crucial steps like refining, cleansing, deodorizing and fractionation.

We are very proud of our reputation. DPA is known for shipping the world’s best omega-3 products on-time and every time to ensure that deadlines are met. DPA is the only company with a legal permit to export seal oil capsules to China. This is especially important because the export of bulk seal oil to China is banned. As seal oil is only available once a year, we carefully consider our contracts and customers to ensure our reputation of superior quality and guaranteed delivery is maintained.

The reason for our success is found in the products themselves. We simply ask you to test our product against any competitor to see for yourself. We are confident that you will then agree with most major buyers in the world that DPA is the world’s best omega-3.