Omega-3 is essential from infancy to old age. Complete omega-3 has three essential parts:

EPA, DHA and DPA are all found in the human body at birth, but are lost through aging.

Daily consumption of DPA GOLD omega-3 replenishes the body with EPA, DHA and DPA to promote faster absorption for greater health benefit.

More on Omega-3 EPA, DHA and DPA


Lowers risk of heart disease

Reduces joint inflammation

Helps combat depression


Promotes cognitive development

Reduces the risk of mental
and mood disorders

Supports optimal eye health


Enhances the effects of DHA

Anti-inflammatory properties

10 times more effective than EPA
in repairing damaged vessel walls

EPA, DHA and DPA are all found in mother’s milk, which is nature’s perfect food. All three omega-3 parts circulate in the blood stream under normal conditions. It is important to add a complete omega-3 supplement that has EPA, DHA and DPA to your diet.

Who Recommends Omega-3

Health Canada, the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association recommend that everyone add more omega-3 to their diet. A complete omega-3 supplement must contain all three essential parts of omega-3: 1) EPA; 2) DHA; and 3) DPA. Seal oil is complete because it has EPA, DHA and DPA. Fish oil is incomplete because it only has EPA and DHA. DPA GOLD Omega-3 seal oil capsules and seal oil liquid naturally contains cleaned and purified EPA, DHA and DPA.