DPA GOLD omega-3 is backed by science with third party testing, approvals and certifications from the highest Canadian authorities

The DPA GOLD Difference

DPA Purity

The proprietary purification process developed and used by DPA Industries Inc. was designed by world-leading experts from Dalhousie University. Dr. Robert G. Ackman and Dr. Suzanne Budge helped create and improve our natural purification process. This unique and natural process yields the absolute best Canadian seal oil in the world.

DPA Trust

Purity and quality are the most important characteristics of a health product. DPA GOLD Omega-3 is independently tested at three Canadian facilities. These tests help guarantee that DPA GOLD is the world’s best quality Canadian seal oil omega-3.

DPA Sustainability

We are committed to the exclusive use of sustainably-sourced Canadian seal oil. The management plan for the Canadian seal harvest ensures that the seal population continues to grow and thrive. Harp seals are not and never have been endangered. Independent population studies show the highest number of harp seals in over 30 years. Harp seals on Canada’s East Coast are sustainable, full use animals.

DPA Integrity

Independent experts, the World Wildlife Fund and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association found that over 98% of seals are harvested humanely. DPA Industries Inc. uses only Canadian seal oil to create high-quality omega-3. However, seals are full-use animals with other groups using the meat and pelts (meat, clothing, food products, crafts, etc.).