Our Promise

Recognizing Indigenous Tradition

Canada’s seal harvest exists because of indigenous communities. Inuit wisdom and experience defines the cultural and economic importance of seal harvesting. DPA GOLD respects the indigenous roots of Canada’s harvest.

Nunavut Tunngavik

We Promise Safety and Quality

Our company has over two decades experience in researching, manufacturing and exporting the world's best omega-3 products. All DPA products are manufactured exclusively under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in Canadian facilities licensed by Health Canada.

Humane and Sustainable Harvest

We Promise a Humane and Sustainable Harvest

Canada's commercial seal harvest is the most closely watched and strictly regulated animal harvest in the world. Sealers must be trained and licensed to ensure seals are harvested in a humane manner. We respect the need for a humane, professional and sustainable seal harvest.

Get the Facts

Harp seals are not endangered

98% of seals are harvested humanely

(Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, 2005)

Baby seals are not harvested

Harp seals are full use animals

Pelts for garments, blubber for omega-3 oil and meat for food.

…the harp seal population is at a near record high with an estimated eight million individuals. Current harvest levels pose no threat to the long-term health of the species at this time.

— World Wildlife Fund Canada, 2012

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