6 billion capsules produced

Natural, Complete, Canadian Omega-3.

Is your omega-3 a natural, Canadian and
complete source of EPA, DHA and DPA?

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One Powerful Supplement

  • Complete
    DPA GOLD is a complete source of omega-3 EPA, DHA and DPA
  • Natural
    Natural amounts of omega-3 without chemical alteration
  • Canadian
    Sourced, cleaned and packaged in Canada from coast-to-coast
  • Healthy
    Brain boosting, heart healthy and essential for normal growth and development
  • Trusted
    25 years' experience, over 6 billion softgels made and many approvals
  • Sustainable
    We respect the need for a humane, professional and sustainable seal harvest
“It’s one of the best, unique products and it contributes to beauty care, health, it’s derived naturally and it’s Canadian made.”
“I trust Canadian products and also, it’s made by Canadians, so that’s so safe for me, that’s why I choose Canadian product, especially DPA seal oil.”
“I realized that I needed to find something a little more natural, a little more research based, and DPA Omega-3 was a hit for me for sure.”
“As a teacher, I see children every day and realize the importance of brain development, and this is so helpful with that, as well as with the rest of their organs and their growing up and what not, so it’s a great supplement to a diet for anybody.”
“My wife is a nutritionist. We wanted to add something complete and effective to our diet. That’s why we went for omega-3 seal oil supplement.“
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