6 billion capsules produced

OMEGA-3 Liquid + Vitamin D (10 Bottles)


Omega-3 Means 3 Parts

Did you know that you are born with omega-3 and lose it by aging? That omega-3 is a complete source of EPA, DHA and DPA. So you should be supplementing with a complete omega-3 that has all three parts. DPA GOLD Omega-3 has all three parts.


Ethanol and Acetone Free

Fish in the ocean have between 5% and 30% omega-3. But most fish oils have between 40% and up to 99% omega-3. These artificial percentages happen by modifying fish oil with chemicals like ethanol and acetone. DPA GOLD Omega-3 is cleaned and purified but not chemically modified.


From Coast to Coast with Pride

Our founder is proudly Canadian and so are we. That’s why DPA GOLD Omega-3 is sustainably sourced, processed and packaged in Canada. You can find our facilities and partners across Canada.


From Infancy to Old Age

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to your health. Your body needs fatty acids to function. Clinical research also shows that omega-3 has many health benefits. Your eyes, brain, central nervous system and heart all benefit by taking omega-3.


Backed by Science. Proven by People

We have made over 6 billion softgels and shipped to every continent except Antarctica. We have the most approvals and registrations and strictest quality and safety standards in the industry. So you can trust our quality and safety because we guarantee it.


Respectful Resource Management

For 500 years, generations of east coast communities have harvested harp seals. We respect the need for a humane, professional and sustainable seal harvest. Sealers have training, experience and licences. They harvest harp seals based on practices created by veterinarians.

“It’s one of the best, unique products and it contributes to beauty care, health, it’s derived naturally and it’s Canadian made.”
“I trust Canadian products and also, it’s made by Canadians, so that’s so safe for me, that’s why I choose Canadian product, especially DPA seal oil.”
“I realized that I needed to find something a little more natural, a little more research based, and DPA Omega-3 was a hit for me for sure.”
“As a teacher, I see children every day and realize the importance of brain development, and this is so helpful with that, as well as with the rest of their organs and their growing up and what not, so it’s a great supplement to a diet for anybody.”
“My wife is a nutritionist. We wanted to add something complete and effective to our diet. That’s why we went for omega-3 seal oil supplement.“

The world’s strictest quality and safety standards.

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DPA Gold
  • Complete source of
  • Natural and balanced level
  • Humane, professional
    and sustainable
  • Pros
    • Strictest quality and safety standards
    • Largest distributor of harp seal oil
    • Most approvals and registrations
Flax Oil
  • Incomplete source of omega-3
  • No DPA, EPA and DHA
  • Unknown
    enviromental impact
  • Cons
    • High and unnecessary omega-6
    • Easily Becomes Rancid
Fish Oil
  • Incomplete source of omega-3
  • No DPA unnatural amount of EPA and DHA
  • Unknown
    enviromental impact
  • Cons
    • Altered with chemicals like ethanol and acetone
Krill Oil
  • Incomplete source of omega-3
  • No DPA
  • Unknown
    enviromental impact
  • Cons
    • Lack of research

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