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DPA Gold has produced more than 6 billion soft gel capsules for sale around the world. Our products have been exported to every continent on Earth, except Antarctica. DPA Gold is truly a globally recognized, trusted and premium quality health supplement brand.

Working with DPA Gold

DPA Industries Inc. is a Canadian company with its corporate headquarters located in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. Our office is located right in the heart of the Kanata North, the high-tech business center of the National Capital Region.

DPA Industries has proudly produced the world’s best Omega-3 product for almost a quarter of a century. Over the past 20 years, a number of experiments have proven that DPA Gold Omega-3 can effectively regulate blood lipids, as well as help to eliminate some of the fatal dangers of chronic diseases and help with overall health and wellness.

DPA Gold China

Our commitment is to adhere to the “Natural & Sustainable” philosophy. We strongly believe that the best source of natural absorption for Omega-3 comes from the sustainable capture of Canadian harp seals.

Working with DPA Gold

Our 21-step refining and filtration process is unmatched by any other Omega-3 product in the world. We have never, and will never, sacrifice premium quality for profit. Our mission is to deliver the world’s best health and nutritional supplements. It is this commitment to excellence that has built a relationship of trust with so many families around the world.

DPA - A Trusted Brand

Our products are 100% developed, produced and packaged in Canada.

Our products are certified by:

safety standards
safety standards
safety standards
safety standards
safety standards
safety standards

All of our DPA Gold capsules are third-party tested to ensure we are providing the cleanest and safest product. DPA Industries help to set the safety guidelines for seal oil, and they are the strictest in the world. All of our capsules meet or exceed these guidelines.

Work With Us

  • Be a company or natural person who has an independent ability to operate – and can bear civil liability independently
  • Have certain advertising resources and a very good business reputation
  • Have a relatively stable consumer base and experience in business and market development, that you have the ability to develop new customers
  • For businesses – please provide a business license and company profile
  • Individuals – please provide a true, legal and valid copy of your ID
  • Operate in good faith and believe in our company values – that we only are to sell the highest quality products and to operate with honesty and integrity

Please follow these instructions to apply to become an Agent for DPA Industries:

  • Complete the online application (free registration) to become an agent
  • Fill in the “Application Form” and then submit a copy of the business license or copy of your personal ID
  • Our specialists will contact, track and negotiate with the candidates who qualify to be agents
  • After a successful negotiation, the agent shall sign an agency agreement with our company

We want our Agents to be successful, so we provide you with as much support as possible, including:

  • Price Advantages
  • Marketing Content and Support
  • Training and Assistance of Product knowledge and expertise
  • Free online catalogues, brochures and other electronic materials
  • Assistance with developing marketing plans with our partners and offering precise steps and assistance to achieve your sales targets and growth

We are the #1 selling seal oil in the world

We sell the best Omega-3 product on the market and we produce only the highest quality health supplements for families and the people you love.

As a Canadian star product, we look forward to working with every entrepreneur and market pioneer who wants to join us as we continue to grow and bring the best Omega-3 product to the world!

Since we are proud to produce only the world’s best health supplements – and since we value and respect the trust of our customers, we only look for agents & distributors that are professional, trustworthy and who sincerely want to sell premium quality products.

Authorization Sample

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After registration, you can enjoy free promotional materials and product discount coupons


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